Preview: Guerrilla Bob Update 1.1

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Das Dual-Stick Shooter Game Guerrilla Bob von Chillingo erwartet demnächst ein Update auf die Version 1.1. Es soll in den nächsten Wochen mit folgenden Neuerungen und Verbesserungen verfügbar sein:

• New Mercenary gameplay mode: collect money from the enemies and use it in the shop to unlock lots of awesome new weapons: Machinegun, Timed Bombs, Molotov Cocktail, Shotgun, Double Uzis, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Sticky Bow, Chaingun

• Improved controls
• New auto aiming control settings, which makes targeting all the enemies much easier

• All the weapons are upgradeable
• New Survival Mode: Wave Attack. Fight waves of baddies and access the shop during the fight, to purchase new arsenal
• Various Bug Fixes
• Improved graphics and sound effects
• You can set the enemies on fire, and watch them slowly burn


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